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Rituals in Hinduism

There are sixteen important rituals in Hindu tradition.

  • Garbhadhan - ritual to guarantee conception

  • Pumsavana - ritual to protect the fetus and to have a boy 

  • Simantonnayana - ritual done during the last month of pregnancy for the proper mental formation of the child.

  • Jatakarma - birth ritual involving the preparation of the astrological chart of the child.

  • Namakarana - ritual of naming the child. This ceremony is performed in the home, usually when the child is eleven to forty days old.

  • Nishkramana taking the child out of the house for the first time.

  • Annaprasana - The first feeding of rice ; usually done in front of the God in a temple.

  • Chudakarana - ritual of first cutting of the hair.

  • Karnavedha - ritual of boring the earlobes of the child for putting in gold earrings.

  • Vidyarambha - the beginning of the child learning the alphabet.

  • Upanayana - the holy thread ritual by which the boy becomes a dwija or 'twice born' This ceremony is performed when the boy is between the ages of nine and fifteen.

  • Vedarambha - commencement of Vedic studies. 

  • Keshanta - ritual of first shaving of the head.

  • Samavartana - ritual of home coming after completion of studies.

  • Viveha - the marraige ritual.

  • Anthyesthi - funeral rites.

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